About Us

Kids DreamboxThe creators of Dreambox are a husband and wife team.  They have three of their own children who helped inspire them to build Dreambox.

Carpenter Chris owned his own successful building firm for many years whilst Beth studied law.  Beth found there was a distinct lack of exciting children’s toy boxes on the market, so she decided to make her own!  They created their first Dreambox, it was personalised, with a cushioned pad and fabric, it doubled up as a seat to read stories to their little boy Hayden at bedtime.

When their second child Cohen came along, it was the perfect opportunity for Beth and Chris to design another toybox, but instead of just creating a toybox, they got slightly more creative with a toy box bench.

After Eliana, their third child arrived in 2015, Beth and Chris decided that they would do a series of prototypes and start a Facebook page to help them earn some “Christmas pennies”.  When they launched in October 2015 they were astounded at the response!  They were inundated with Christmas orders and the momentum kept going beyond.  Since then, they have worked on expanding their product range and broadening their ideas and now have a little team of Dreambox staff.



Why we started!

When we had our first little munchkin, Hayden, we found there was a distinct lack of exciting children’s toy boxes on the market, so we made our own!

Materials Used

Safety is always at the forefront of our designs: we use child-safe paints throughout and every toy box comes complete with soft close hinges. Additionally, all fabrics and foams are fire safe and comply with UK fire regulations.  We also care about the environment too – all our wood is Forest Friendly and responsibly sourced.

We use fire-resistant fabrics and foams and always use Forest Friendly wood, this allows us to ensure that we are not causing a negative effect on the planet.