To my fellow Mummies, 

You’re doing a great job 💗 

Over the years, I have heard the phrase “I’m just a Mum”. Since becoming a Mummy myself, I believe it is the most important job we will EVER have.

Here are a few of the reasons I believe it truly is the best job in the world, with some humour
sprinkled in.

You have a purpose - For Life

You have someone to love for the rest of your entire life…and they can’t escape 😂 Just kidding. Just think how lucky that makes us - we have an entire person (or persons) who we can shower with love, admiration and pride, forever. We get to be the person who makes them feel better (because nothing feels better than a Mummy cuddle, right?), the one who celebrates their successes, the person who listens when they have a problem, the person who makes them laugh at silly things, the one who reads them bedtime stories in a comical voice and teaches them how to paint, draw and play. We get to be the one who sees them grow and develop each and every day into the most perfect human we’ve ever seen.

You can’t get fired!

Yep, that’s right! Your precious one can’t fire you from being their parent - your job is safe :-) Every day, you can rest easy knowing you have a job for life, forever. No one can ever take that away from you. You are their person as much as they are yours. They don’t care if you stay in your pyjamas, don’t brush your teeth or don’t prepare for play time - they just care that you turn up for them wanting to do the best for them. It’s pretty hard to find a “job for life”, so count yourself lucky.


You work “flexi-time”

Yes, no set hours here. No rushing about to get to your place of work, you don’t have to clock in and out at a certain time…you are on call ALL DAY and ALL NIGHT 😆 And you wouldn’t have it any other way. You don’t have anyone marking you down late or peering over their glasses at you when you need to go home early. Instead, you have a little sweetheart that wants to be with you 24/7. Oh, and you get to work from home too! An absolute dream.


You get to play!

“Oh yes! What’s that - you want to learn hide and seek, buckaroo, monopoly? Sure, I can teach you that” (and have so much fun in doing so!) Through our children, we get to enjoy the simple, easy, nostalgic games we used to love ourselves. We get to be a child again and the world is okay with it. Playing with our children, gives us the opportunity to be present and enjoy the simple things in life. It opens up a joyful part of ourselves that we may have previously forgotten about and we get to show our children what it’s like to have fun together. We even get to make up some new games to entertain them.


You have a best buddy

You have the best friend you could ever wish for, at your side every day. You get to eat together, play together, laugh together, learn together and cuddle together as much as you like. You learn something new about each other every day. You challenge each other to grow and become a better person. You inspire each other to do great things. You look at each other like you’ve never seen a more beautiful person inside and out. You have the most wonderful responsibility for influencing your most important person(s) to be the best, happiest, caring, kindest person they can be and NO job can ever compete with that. You have the best job in the world and you both know it :-)


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